Neil Robertson reaches European Masters final after ‘really strange’ victory

Neil Robertson is through to this weekend’s European Masters final after beating Ali Carter 6-1 in today’s semi-final.

The Australian is one win away from claiming the sport’s first ranking event of the new decade after continuing his winning run in Austria.

Victory on Sunday against Zhou Yuelong or Gary Wilson will see the world number 5 earn his 17th ranking title of his career and see him move into the top three of the world rankings.

However, Robertson indicated concern for his semi-final opponent Carter after his semi-final win and said the match was “really strange” due to his unusual off-key performance.

Neil Robertson. Picture by Monique Limbos

Robertson hoped Carter’s display was as a result of his disappointment over last week’s Masters final defeat to Stuart Bingham.

He told World Snooker Tour: “It was really strange because his mindset did not seem to be there from the outset.

“I think maybe it was a bit of a hangover from The Masters, I certainly hope it was that because he’s got some pretty unfortunate history with his health, so it was really confusing as a player what was going on out there.

“I just hope it was his disappointment for the Masters carrying over into this.

“It was really difficult to play in and a lot of things were going on in my mind about what was going on, I lost my concentration all over the place because of that and just tried to be as professional as I could because with Ali you never know what’s going on.”

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