Kyren Wilson’s ‘genius’ use of the spider gets snooker world talking

Kyren Wilson seemed to impress the snooker world during his World Open semi-final clash against Mark Allen – but not in the way most fans would have expected.

Yes, Wilson did win the match and showed once again why he is among the best in the world after a stunning victory.

But aside from the win, one moment certainly stood out and created lots of interest on social media.

During the match Wilson used the spider to help support his bridge hand in order to reach the cueball over a cluster of reds.

Usually a spider is used to help a player strike the cueball when it is intervened by another object ball. This is one of the first times it has been used to help a player’s bridge even though the cueball is not intervened by another ball.

The referee allowed Wilson to play the shot so it appears it is within the rules of the game but six-times world snooker champion Steve Davis said on Twitter it was a “grey area” of snooker’s rules.

It certainly surprised the Eurosport commentators. Mike Hallett said: “Ooh hello this is different, Never seen this before. Well I don’t know about you David but that’s a first for me.”

Fellow commentator Dave Hendon replied by saying it was a “very inventive” idea from Wilson.

Fans labelled Wilson’s innovative use of the spider as “genius” and “clever”.



4 thoughts on “Kyren Wilson’s ‘genius’ use of the spider gets snooker world talking

    • Technically his fingers were touching the table which would be the same if HE bridged over the balls, the only difference here is he kept his fingers behind the balls instead of in front (which would have put his hand directly OVER the balls)

  1. Foul – You are not allowed to use anything to elevate the bridge hand. Yes you can elevate the cue but not the bridge hand.

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