Dennis Taylor’s 1985 celebration labelled the best in snooker’s history

DENNIS Taylor’s famous finger wagging gesture after he won the most gripping World Championship final ever seen has been chosen as the best celebration in the sport’s history.

World Snooker has gone through the archives and compiled a list of the greatest celebrations following Liang Wenbo’s jubilant jumps of joy in the aftermath of his English Open win against Judd Trump on Sunday evening.

Ulsterman Taylor’s moment of glory is written in snooker folklore after he defeated the odds to beat Steve Davis in the World Championship final of 1985.

In a gripping contest which was watched by more than 18 million people, Taylor, with his trademark huge glasses, potted the final and deciding black and marked his few seconds of being world champion in a way many will never forget.

Taylor shook his cue above his head, stamped his feet, kissed the trophy and wagged his finger in the air with a huge grin on his face, as if to say “I told you I could do it.”

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph last year, Taylor recalled the moment and said his victory was not one even Hollywood writers could imagine.

“I let the cue rest easily in my hand, then let it go without force and the ball went down,” he said.

“Thirteen years of trying to be champion suddenly all came out. The emotional release is incredible.

“So there was me winning it, with the big, silly upside-down glasses, waving the cue above my head and wagging my finger at the camera: I don’t think any Hollywood scriptwriter would have dared come up with a conclusion like that.”

In a list of ten celebrations, World Snooker featured the moment when Alex Higgins was in floods of tears after he won the 1982 World Championship.

After beating Ray Reardon to win his second world title, Higgins had tears streaming down his face before taking baby daughter Lauren in one arm as he held the trophy in the other.

Other celebrations include Ronnie O’Sullivan’s memorable false teeth celebration after winning his second world title in 2004 and Barry Hearn’s ‘rugby tackle’ on Steve Davis after the Nugget won his first world title in 1981.

To see the full list of celebrations visit


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