Family of legendary Alex Higgins make appeal for help

The niece of legendary former world champion Alex Higgins has launched an appeal to find a willing venue which can exhibit some of his most precious snooker items.

Alex Higgins. Picture from World Snooker video clip screenshot/BBC

Shelley Higgins says she would like to see her uncle’s last playing cue, cue case, practise balls and case and his fedora hat on display at a suitable venue in the UK or abroad so thousands of fans can see them up close.

The family say they want the items on display to go somewhere which will have a “big audience”.

Shelley Higgins tweeted: “ATTENTION CLUBS, VENUES & CUE MAKERS!!! Decision now made. My uncles Cue case, last playing cue, practice balls & case and his fedora hat I have decided I would like to be displayed for people to see. They would be loaned to you for an agreed time. Pls RT or tag anyone interested.”

Shelley added she has appealed to cue makers because Alex’s last playing cue is currently out of sorts and needs repairing.

She added: “The reason I have said attention cue makers is his cue is in a terrible state. He was always messing around with cues and chopping away. Before it’s framed 4 display is like to have it refurbished and repaired it’s quite bad. Could anybody help? Again RT and tag anyone that could.”

News of the exhibition will delight many fans of Alex Higgins who is still regarded as one of the greatest players ever to have played the game. He is best known as snooker’s ‘People’s Champion’ because of his huge popularity.

His attacking and flair style on the table attracted the game to new audiences all over the world. The popular Belfast man lifted the World Championship twice winning it in 1972 and 1982 and many in the game believe he should have won the crown several more times.

Higgins died in 2010 aged 61 after a long battle with throat cancer.

Anybody interested should contact Shelley Higgins on Twitter.



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