Lee Spick announces retirement from snooker

FORMER professional snooker player Lee Spick has announced he is retiring from playing the game.

Spick, who recently missed out on returning to the professional circuit after losing in the fourth round of Q School Event 3 to Fraser Patrick, told The Old Green Baize he has ‘had enough’ of playing the game and is now on the lookout for a job.

The Mansfield potting ace, 32, played on the professional tour between 2000 and 2010 and reached the last 48 of the World Championships on two occasions in 2006 and 2009 when losing in the final qualifying round to former World Championship winners John Parrott and Steve Davis respectively.

 “I’m 32 now and I’ve just had enough really,” he said. “It’s a hard decision to make because snooker has been my life but I’ve just played Q School and not qualified and didn’t make it from there last year either.

“It’s a shame because in Event 3 I played really well, but that is the problem I played well and still didn’t get through. The first two events I let myself down and lost to players I shouldn’t have lost to. I’ve just had enough really.

“I’ve had a few different issues off the table in the last year which have played a massive part in my game. I’m now going to try and get a job which will be really hard as it is not easy with the way the world is now.”

Spick said his epic World Championship matches against Parrott and Davis were hugely memorable and are the highlights of his playing career.

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