Barry Hearn reveals why he’s dropped snooker’s £1 million bonus

World Snooker Tour chairman Barry Hearn has revealed why he has not offered the Home Nations £1million bonus this season.

In recent seasons Hearn has offered the staggering seven-figure sum to any player who wins all four of the season’s Home Nations events – which includes the English Open, the Northern Ireland Open, the Scottish Open and the Welsh Open.

Despite the luxurious prize on offer, no player has yet won the bonus.

Hearn, who is currently recovering after testing positive for coronavirus, revealed on Twitter he didn’t think it was right to offer the prize given the current pandemic and the difficulties it is causing throughout the world.

Instead, Hearn is focusing on making sure snooker events remain “alive” in the safest way possible.

Asked by a snooker fan why the £1million was not on offer, Hearn responded: “With all the problems out there at the moment it seemed right to discontinue bonus. Most important is to keep events alive.”

Here’s what Barry Hearn thought about the 2020 World Championship.

Main Image: Barry Hearn


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