Snooker fans speculate ahead of Ronnie O’Sullivan ‘announcement’

Snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan has revealed he will be making a statement on social media this week – sparking speculation from his thousands of supporters.

The six-times world champion, who will begin his defence of the World Championship next week, is to reveal ‘news’ on his Facebook page tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3pm.

At this stage there appears to be no indication or clue of what the announcement will be – which has led to plenty of speculation from snooker fans.

O’Sullivan, 45, in recent years has expressed his desire to do things away from snooker when he can, so the upcoming announcement may not be snooker related.

He has done previous book launches regarding healthy food and has spoken at length about his love for running and starred in television documentaries.

Earlier today a Facebook post from O’Sullivan reads: “Remember I’m gonna be live on here from 3 (pm) tomorrow. Want to reach as many of you in one go and this seems best way.”

Ronnie O’Sullivan. Picture by Monique Limbos

Comments on social media are suggesting O’Sullivan could be announcing retirement plans but that would go against his previous comments in which he stated he wanted to play on and enjoy the game for at last a few more years.

A year ago he told Eurosport that his plan was to retire by the time he is 50-years-old.

Speaking in April 2020 he said: “I think I’ll give it one good crack maybe next year or the year after I might play some more and then by the time I’m 50 call it a day. At some point, I can’t go on forever.”

One comment to his post today said: “I really hope you don’t retire just yet.”

But another said: “He’s not going to retire! Maybe he’s going to be on Masterchef.”

Snooker blogger Cluster of Reds suggested it might be news away from the snooker table: “I am quite surprised that people are worried about Ronnie retiring when he said he’s announcing something.

“I would’ve thought he would retire straight away if he wanted – maybe he’s got a new book or a range out or something. We can only speculate until then.”

O’Sullivan goes into the upcoming World Championship without winning a ranking event so far this season.

However, the world number 2 has appeared in five ranking event finals this season meaning he’s still been one of the campaign’s best performers.


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