Ronnie O’Sullivan reveals his funniest moment in snooker

Ronnie O’Sullivan has revealed the funniest moment he has ever encountered on the snooker table during his brilliant career so far.

The five-times world champion gave a fascinating insight into his snooker life when speaking live to his once closest rival and seven-times world champion Stephen Hendry on Instagram.

The live feed. which was broadcast on Monday night, saw Hendry ask O’Sullivan several questions from fans about all things snooker.

Interestingly. he revealed more about his close friendship with the late Paul Hunter before his death in 2006 and how defeat to Hendry in 1999 made him want to become a more aggressive player.

Hendry later asked O’Sullivan what his funniest moment of his career was.

The Rocket, who will be looking to win a sixth World Championship later this year should the famous event go ahead, picked on a match in the early 1990s against Tony Knowles where O’Sullivan couldn’t control his laughter.

Ronnie O’Sullivan. Picture by Monique Limbos

O’Sullivan said: “I think the funniest thing was when I played Tony Knowles and he was gone then, he was at the end of his career.

“He was so bad he couldn’t pot two balls together and I think my highest break was 30 and I’m 4-1 up and he needs a snooker.

“The green is behind the blue and he’s stunned the white – such an easy snooker to get – but he’s forgot about the green and he’s potted it. So he’s ended up snookered on the brown.

“I just started laughing during the match. I’ve got the giggles and he’s looked at me like ‘what are you laughing at’.

“I couldn’t control it and then I go to the interview afterwards and I’m still laughing – and he’s invited himself to the interview – he’s just walked in.”

O’Sullivan said another funny moment was when a female streaker entered the playing arena in the 1997 Masters final against Steve Davis.

In one of snooker’s most funny moments, O’Sullivan then cheekily wipes the referee John Street’s eyebrow to relieve the tension.




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