Barry Hearn says new tournament starring world’s best is ‘on the way’

Barry Hearn has indicated a new snooker tournament featuring some of the world’s best players is coming soon.

No specific details have been announced but Hearn said in a tweet to professional players Joe Perry and Michael Holt the tournament will include the world’s top 8 players and is “on the way”.

The World Snooker chairman was commenting about the new tournament following criticism of last weekend’s Snooker Shoot Out being a ranking event. As we reported this week, discussions are taking place regarding the event’s future.

Hearn said: “We have a top 8 event on the way but the shoot out is 128 players and a chance for everyone. Great TV last night – well done to all the players who supported the event.”

It is not yet known when the new tournament will be held or when any world rankings cut off will be for it which will decide which players are invited.

Recently, World Snooker announced details of a new competition – The Romanian Masters  – which will comprise 16 of the world’s best players and takes place next month.


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