Mark Williams makes call for new doubles competition

Three-times world champion Mark Williams has asked snooker bosses to consider adding a doubles snooker competition in the season calendar.

Williams, one of snooker’s most successful stars in recent history, made his plea on Twitter and tagged World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association chairman Jason Ferguson.

He tweeted: “Love to see a doubles comp make its way back into our calendar this year.”

The World Doubles Championship, also known as the Hofmeister World Doubles then the Fosters World Doubles was held in the 1980s but ended as new tournaments were created.

The recent snooker World Cups have featured countries represented by two players each, with games including at least one frame of doubles.

Mark Williams. Picture by Monique Limbos

Williams’ suggestion appeared to get the backing from fans and those involved in the game.

Snooker writer Gary On Cue tweeted Williams back saying: “Be brilliant. 128 players randomly paired. Be class.”

Liam Dumbleton said: “Bring back the Hoffmeister world doubles.. the old December days.”

And Dave Skillen replied: “Definitely. Its what’s missing for sure.”

Below is YouTube footage of a doubles match in the former Hofmeister World Doubles Championship in the 1980s.

It’s part of a match between John Parrott/Terry Griffiths and Alex Higgins/Jimmy White.

Would you like to see a new doubles competition in professional snooker?


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