‘Pure gold’ – snooker fans wax lyrical over new animation series

Snooker fans have been expressing their joy over Wold Snooker’s new animation series launched ahead of this year’s World Championship.

This week the World Snooker Tour have been releasing animated videos on its social media channels and YouTube page based on famous World Championship anecdotes by some of the sport’s most loved players.

The “Crucible Chronicles” animations have been created and written by Ben Satchel.

The attention to detail in the animations, as well as the quality of the stories seem to have made them a winner with snooker fans.

They give an animated and hilarious take on funny (and true) stories that have taken place during the World Championship over the years.

Videos released so far include Mark Williams’ naked press conference after his World Championship victory, Alex Higgins arguing with the referee and John Higgins’ late night road trip after his cue nightmare in the middle of a World Championship semi-final.

Another one relives Dennis Taylor’s funny story when he played Canadian Bill Werbeniuk at the Crucible and his shock over a “loud noise” when his opponent bent over to reach a shot.

Snooker fans have been loving the animated series and can’t wait to see more in the coming days.

Comments on YouTube so far have read……

“I love this little animation for snooker player anecdotes, keep it up :).”

“A wonderful idea again by world snooker! Looking forward to the other stories and anecdotes!”

“Please keep creating more of this, this is pure gold!”

The World Championship starts at 10am on Saturday, April 17.

Featured Image: World Snooker Tour/ Ben Pics


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