Snooker legend labels John Higgins as ‘The Terminator’ during Masters final

Snooker fans were given a chuckle during an enthralling Masters final on Sunday night when one of the sport’s legendary stars made an unlikely comparison completely out of the blue.

Six-times world champion Steve Davis compared John Higgins and his battling qualities on the baize to the actions of movie villain ‘The Terminator’ – once played by movie legend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The blockbuster movie was released in the mid 1980s and tells the story of an action baddy called Terminator – an unstoppable killing machine.

During the late stages of the Masters final which Higgins lost out 10-8 to China’s Yan Bingtao – Davis made the rather unlikely comparison when chatting to BBC presenter Jason Mohammad.

John Higgins (Picture by Monique Limbos) and The Terminator.

Davis said: “Watching John Higgins is like watching a Terminator film. You think he is damaged but he walks out of a burning oil tanker and he is fully formed again.”

His reference refers to Higgins’ battling qualities on a snooker table and his ability to fight back from behind when the game seems lost – as he has shown several times over the years and Terminator’s famous phrase ‘I’ll be back’.

Fellow former world champion John Parrott was quick on the mark to respond to Davis’ comparison – joking that he didn’t realise The Nugget was so “trendy”.

After Bingtao beat Higgins 10-8, Davis said victory for the young China star meant the season was set beautifully poised ahead of the World Championship due to start in April.

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