Extraordinary scenes as tempers flare at Crucible over eyeline dispute

Tempers reached boiling point at the Crucible as Anthony McGill expressed his anger with opponent Jamie Clarke during their second round encounter.

McGill can be seen confronting his Welsh opponent for apparently standing in his line of sight while down on a shot during the pair’s second session of their last 16 match.

The extraordinary moment happened in the 10th frame when Clarke played a safety shot on the yellow and instead of making his way back to his seat, stood at the opposite end of the table.

Not happy with this, McGill then walked down to express his disapproval with Clarke over the situation with the pair embroiled in what appeared to be a heated chat.

At one stage referee Jan Verhass had to come between the pair to stop the confrontation and calm the players down.

After winning the frame Clarke then left the arena before McGill quickly followed by running after him.

Clarke, who beat Mark Allen in the first round, was ordered by Verhass to sit in his seat should McGill be playing a shot from the baulk area of the table.

McGill went onto win five frames on the bounce to reduce his deficit to 8-7 with the final session being played out on Sunday.

The 1991 world champion John Parrott said on BBC Two: “I have not seen many [scenes] like that, it is quite heated.

“It is a very small and tight venue when there are two tables and you can get trapped.

“If it is continually happening and Anthony feels he is in his eyeline then he is perfectly entitled to say something.”

Featured Image: BBC/World Snooker Tour


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