Hazel Irvine and John Virgo not to feature in BBC World Championship coverage

It has been announced that both Hazel Irvine and John Virgo will not be part of the BBC’s coverage for this year’s World Championship.

TV presenter Irvine has been the face of BBC’s coverage of snooker for many years and Virgo has been a commentator for decades.

The pair’s absences from this year’s 17-day tournament were revealed to viewers during the first day’s play of the World Championship on Friday morning.

Stand-in presenter Jason Mohammad confirmed Virgo was in Spain and due to Government rules regarding the coronavirus could not be at Sheffield for the coverage. However the BBC did a video call with him as part of the channel’s tribute to Willie Thorne who died last month.

Hazel Irvine and John Virgo. Pictures by Monique Limbos

Mohammad also said Irvine was back at home due to a family illness and wished her the best.

Snooker fans on Twitter also sent Hazel the best of well wishes.

Jessica Evershed said: “Sending best wishes to Hazel Irvine. We miss you at the Crucible and hope to see you soon!

And Warren Pilkington said: “I’m sure the whole snooker community will be sending their best wishes to Hazel Irvine and family at this time – health has to come first. She will be missed at the Crucible of course.”


59 thoughts on “Hazel Irvine and John Virgo not to feature in BBC World Championship coverage

      • Would also miss Willie Thorne R.I.P He spoke his mind in the Commentary Box. Some players often didn’t like it but he always commented on what he was seeing.

    • Agree wholeheartedly – really enjoying snooker without John Virgo’s constant talking over the snooker action and his incessant attempts to make it the “John Virgo Show”

  1. We will miss hazel this year very important part of snooker greatest advent all the best to her and family look forward to her being back next year x

  2. Really missing Hazel Irvine, always a great part of the snooker coverage,. Health comes first! see you next year, hopefully.

    • Hazel badly missed…the whole thing lacks a touch of her expertise and charisma. Hope all goes well ,Hazel…we miss you 🥰

  3. The new commentators voice is the most smoothest and silkiest just like the guy from the old grey whistle test .Could listen to this guy all day long. Very good replacement to JV ,shame he is away though as he has been commentating for years and is part of snooker

    • New commentators are really annoying!! talking in cliches the whole time. Constantly distracting the viewer with football style nonsense in silly hushed tones and self centred McManus is even worse doom and gloom merchant. Come back J.V. and we miss you Hazel Irvine.

  4. Wishing Hazel All The Best This Years Snooker Championship Will Not Be The Same Without You Wishing You And Your Family All The Best God Bless You All

  5. hi all am saddened to here that john and hazel will not be part of team this year i wish the both of them all the best

  6. Sorry not to see Hazel Irvine this year, and hope her family issues are resolved..
    Glad she’s not just been replaced!

  7. Just want to say how much we miss Hazel Irvine in the Snooker. She has so much incite and such charisma. We wish her and her family all the best. Xx

  8. I don’t understand those complaints about the BBC snooker commentary. You have no idea how good they actually are. Trust me. I sometimes can only watch the snooker on Eurosport with Dutch commentary.

  9. Hazel help !!!!!! Come back we need you!!!! Can’t be doing with being spoken too like a child by this new group…surely there must be someone who can relate to normal people it’s our national game C,MON BBC !!!!!

    • Change Channels over to Eurosport, ad breaks after end of most frames only snag, but better than BBC Studio waffle

  10. I’m really missing Hazel Irvine at the Crucible. Not the same without her, but I wish her and her family well. Come back soon Hazel!

  11. Missing Hazel, someone who gets snooker, best wishes to you and your family and hope to see you back next year.

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  13. Please come back soon Hazel, we miss you. You are needed still.
    Sorry to hear about Willy Thorne. He and John Virgo were a brilliant team. Willy was my teacher of the game. Unfortunately I was much too old to play but due to him I could understand it. Goodbye Willy and come back soon John.

  14. Hazel badly missed…the whole thing lacks a touch of her expertise and charisma. Hope all goes well ,Hazel…we miss you 🥰

  15. John Virgo has been commentating too long! He critices EVERY professional shot, how many times has he held a trophy ( once)!!

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  18. Virgo is not even a ‘HAS-BEEN He cackles continually about the obvious. “He is going for a red next”.

    John stick to comedy.

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