Judd Trump: I would love to bring Big Break back on our TV screens

World champion Judd Trump says he would love to help bring 1990s snooker game show ‘Big Break’ back on the TV screens – and added it would do wonders for the sport moving forward, writes Elliott West.

In a recent interview with Bet Victor, snooker’s number one star was asked if he fancied doing a reboot of the former BBC TV show, which was run throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

With comedian Jim Davidson and former UK Championship winner John Virgo as presenters and a catchy theme tune, the fun Saturday night programme was able to combine quizzing, comedy, prizes and snooker.

Judd Trump. Picture by Monique Limbos

Guests featured the leading players of the world at the time who would earn time and money for the contestants and potted balls after their contender had answered a question or questions correctly.

And Trump, known to millions for his wonderful break building and ‘naughty snooker’, revealed he was a big fan of the old show and said would be up for bringing it back in some way or form.

“I would love to bring Big Break back, it was a great thing,” he said.

“If the right presenters were picked, it could be as successful as when it was twenty or thirty years ago when snooker was on of the most successful sports in the world.”

There have been many rumours that Big Break might come back to the television screens but nothing has materialised yet.

Rumours included the possibility of a new airing on Channel 5 and tongues were set wagging again earlier this year when Richard Osman selected the show as one his favourites and selected an episode to be aired on BBC iPlayer.

Would you like to see Big Break back?

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