Stephen Hendry reveals one of his best shots ever – and it was in a world final

By Elliott West

Snooker legend Stephen Hendry has recently revealed one of his best shots ever from his hugely successful career – which was described at the time as a “terrific gamble”.

The seven-times world champion recently tweeted to express his disappointment that the actual shot had been missed in a recent episode of Crucible Classics on BBC 2 which showed highlights of the 1992 World Championship final between Hendry and Jimmy White.

White looked set for his first world title when he held a big 14-8 lead against the Scot at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre.

But Hendry won the next frame to reduce his deficit before he claims the match’s “pivotal” turning point came in frame 24.

After a brilliant pot on the final red, Hendry is unlucky to leave the cueball right on the cusp of the centre pocket going into his next shot – still trailing White by twelve points with the frame beautifully poised.

With the yellow out in the open in the baulk area, Hendry very bravely decides to take on the brown on its spot in order to get on it so he can clinch the frame – knowing full well he’ll lose the frame should he miss and fall further behind in the World Championship final.

Showing brilliant cueball control with the white in such a tricky position and temperament, the then 23-year-old slots the mid-distance brown into the pocket and lands inch perfect on the yellow. The BBC commentator summed up it by saying: “That’s why he’s number one in the world – wonderful shot”

He then brilliantly clears up to pull another frame back to make it 14-10.

Famously, Hendry went on to win the next eight frames and win the title in what is one of the best comebacks ever seen at the Crucible Theatre.

He recently tweeted: “These crucible reruns have been excellent from @BBCSport but I was looking forward to watching the pivotal 24th frame in the final today which contained one of best shots I’ve ever played, brown to yellow #justsaying.”

Hendry doesn’t often dish out praise but to say that this was “one of the best shots I’ve ever played “ shows the difficulty and enormity of the shot in relation to the frame and the match situation.

Current world number 2 and 2010 world champion Neil Robertson also tweeted: “There will never be a better pressure ball potted.”



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