Snooker fans can watch old episode of Big Break on BBC iPlayer!

By Annette Lord

Snooker fans with a UK TV licence are in for a treat if they go online as they can watch a famous TV show which needs no introduction to those who love the game.

Big Break was prime time Saturday night viewing in the 1990s and early 2000s and became a must-watch for many fans.

Hosted by Jim Davidson and former UK Championship winner John Virgo, the BBC One game show saw contestants team up with snooker pros to answer questions, then the pros pots the balls to win prizes.

Pointless co-presenter and snooker fan Richard Osman is responsible for picking this episode out as part of the BBC Four Collections series.

So of course we at Snooker Chat clicked on to enjoy half an hour of nostalgia.

Big Break. Picture: BBC

To see the show click here (UK TV licensing rules apply). More hilarious clips from old episodes are also available on YouTube.

Paul Hunter, Dennis Taylor and Martin Clark are the pros for this show, first aired in 1998, with host and comedian Davidson creating the fun – as always – with straight-faced Virgo.

It is bitter-sweet to see Paul, aged 19, fresh faced and full of promise, as we know the heartbreaking fate that was to befall him when he died of cancer aged just 27.

Jim and JV celebrate the making of more than 200 Big Break episodes with a vodka tipple from an unlikely source…and 1985 World Champ Dennis joins in with a noisy ‘leprechaun’ cue before trying to win a holiday in Portugal for contestant Matt.

How the players managed to concentrate among the hilarity to pot all those balls we will never know!

A word of warning for the unwary – that catchy theme tune will stick in your head for days too…

Here’s a little taster.



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