Ronnie O’Sullivan explains how Jack Lisowski can become snooker’s next big superstar

Ronnie O’Sullivan has suggested ways on how Jack Lisowski can turn his natural talent into becoming snooker’s next big superstar.

The snooker legend and five-times world champion was speaking after Lisowski lost his first round Masters match to Kyren Wilson 6-2 on what was a frustrating afternoon for the Gloucestershire cueman.

The Scottish Open finalist made a dream start to the match taking a quick 2-0 lead but it all went wrong from there as Wilson won six frames on the bounce to record a comfortable victory.

The result means Lisowski is still waiting for his first trophy as a professional.

Jack Lisowski Picture: World Snooker Tour

At 28-years-old, Lisowski’s fast flowing and potting-them-off-the-lampshades style of snooker has earned him many plaudits but he is yet to back it up with trophies to his name.

Despite breaking into the world’s top 16, he has so far reached three major ranking finals but has failed to win one of them. He has also suffered heartache in two ranking event semi-finals.

After his latest setback, O’Sullivan spoke with Jimmy White and Eurosport TV presenter Andy Goldstein on what Lisowski should do to take his game to the next level.

“I mean to lose six frames on the bounce, you can’t do that – there’s something seriously wrong in your game or your form,” he said.

“I don’t think you would see someone like Kyren Wilson lose six frames on the bounce. Even he was playing terribly he would find a way to dig in and stay in the game.

“I think Jack is a great talent but you’ve got to have Tiger Woods talent to play the way he does and get away with it.

“He isn’t that good to be able to have that talent and get away with it. Even for me, I knew deep down that I needed to change to be the complete player.

“If Jack has any aspirations of being a top four player, winning titles he’s going to have to do find some way to add something to his game.”

O’Sullivan then said Lisowsi should call former Masters winner Alan McManus for coaching advice.

McManus competed in snooker’s top elite for many years in the 1990s and at his peak was well known for his attention to safety and getting out of tough situations – which gave him the nickname ‘Angles’.

Alan McManus. Picture by Monique Limbos

O’Sullivan said: “If I was Jack Lisowski, the first person I’d get on the phone to would be someone like Alan McManus and say ‘look will you come and be with me for the next 18 months or two years’ and try and incorporate his methods into his game.

“If he doesn’t do that then you are just going to keep getting great performances with very poor performances. I think someone like McManus could really benefit Jack.

“He just needs someone to say ‘look there’s no value in that shot even though you can get it’ and ‘I want you to start taking shots on that are 7/8 out of ten. You need to incorporate that into your game at this level otherwise you are just going to get found out ”

Jimmy White added: “He’s got to go back to the drawing board and work out how to get stronger in certain departments and get focused and learn.

“By just going in the club and potting balls for hours on end without trying to improve your game, that’s not going to work – he’s got to look even deeper.”.

Meanwhile, Stuart Bingham booked his place in the quarter-finals of the Masters with a 6-2 win over Mark Williams.

Bingham will face Wilson on Friday for a place in the semi-finals.


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