Petition calls for banned Stephen Lee to return to professional snooker

Hundreds of snooker fans have backed an online petition calling for the return of banned snooker star Stephen Lee.

The former world ranking event winner has not played professional snooker since 2013 when he was given a 12-year ban by the sport’s governing body after he was found guilty of match fixing a number of high profile games.

Lee’s suspension will be complete on October 12, 2024 – the date of his 50th birthday. However, given his age it would be fair to say it is unlikely he will make a snooker comeback at that time.

A World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) tribunal concluded that Lee deliberately lost matches against Ken Doherty and Marco Fu at the 2008 Malta Cup and agreed to lose the first frame against both Stephen Hendry and Mark King at the 2008 UK Championship.

Stephen Lee.

He also lost matches by a pre-determined score to Neil Robertson at the 2008 Malta Cup and to Mark Selby at the 2009 China Open.

Lee, who won five ranking events, denied the allegations. No criminal proceedings were taken against Lee.

But now a petition has been set up on the website calling on World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn to reinstate him as a professional player or at least to give him a chance of returning to the main tour.

The petition, written by Jon Roberts, has a total of 783 supporters and calls on World Snooker to show Lee some “forgiveness”.

It reads: “The intention of this petition is to ask Barry Hearn and World Snooker to consider bringing an end to the suspension on Lee and allow him to return to the non-professional or professional game. In doing so, a great talent can be given a chance to redeem himself and add something to the beautiful game he has committed his life to promoting.

“With his huge natural talent, phenomenal cue power and potting ability, he can add massive value to the brand of worldwide snooker.

“World Snooker should show that forgiveness is possible, and use his reinstatement to enable him to become an ambassador for fair play in our beautiful game.

“Come on World Snooker, do the right thing! Bring back Stephen Lee!”

Would you like to see Stephen Lee return to the sport?

34 thoughts on “Petition calls for banned Stephen Lee to return to professional snooker

    • don’t be ridiculous, you’re telling me you never did anything wrong? at the end of the day we are being denied watching the super natural talent of stephen. twelve years is crazy and now we have to watch boring snooker because of this ban. well done everyone involved in that stupid decision. stephen gave excitement which is now lacking. only judd left the others are just boring.

  1. I agree that Steven Lee should be reinstated as a professional snooker player and be allowed to participate in the professional world snooker circuit. As John Higgins had video proof of against him taking a bribe and agreeing to throw matches. But was given 6 month babe and fined X amount of pounds then allowed to start playing again it’s onlyfair the Steven Lee be given a second chance just like Higgins.

  2. It must be difficult for him when other players such as John Higgins do wrong get caught and still in the game

  3. just bring lee back to the game, this thing will not happen if the player it self not poor.. When goes to senarios where a player cheated to loose on purpose because of money, it mean that he just not receive enough as an athelete, the fact sport body need to improved more on its system..

  4. Absolutely not. Fair punishment as far as I’m concerned. He was so lucky to be where he was. So many would love the chance to be a pro and represent the sport in a professional manner. He did not and he deserves to be hit hard

  5. I think the punishment was too long and i think everybody has learned their lesson and they know how important it is to not bet and not fix matches or report when someone has approached with a fix

  6. It will bring more passion audience and entertainment to game if stephen lee comes back to play as a professional snooker player so please do whatever it takes to make this game more popular .

  7. Stephen deserves another chance.
    He is a crowd puller with his ability and style of play.
    Please bring him back

  8. the Bible says”I the Lord will forgive whom I will forgive but unto you it is commanded to forgive all men”
    forgiveness is a great thing, please reinstate Steven Lee

  9. Bring Him Back 100%. Steven Lee is a Gentleman and an asset to the world of snooker.
    Steven deserves another chance

  10. Why not ban Higgins for 12 years, he publically admitted to fix the game for a huge amount of money, also Bingham, both got hit with a feather. Bad look for Barry Hearn, be consistant Barry you have damaged Stephen Lee enough even a murderer gets less than 12 years.

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  12. Yes Stephen should most definitely be allowed back how many characters are left not that many & Stephen can do things with the white ball which other professionals could only dream of he’s good for the sport.

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