New £1million 147 bonus prize could soon be scrapped – reveals Barry Hearn

World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn has revealed he would be happy to scrap his controversial new prize bonus of £1million for those that have made a 147.

Rather than major cash prizes being given out each time a 147 is made, those who have made a maximum break during the season will be entitled to share a cash pot bonus of £1 million – but only if a total of 20 147’s are made during the campaign.

The new rule was announced at the end of last season but has not proved popular among players.

So far this season only four 147 breaks have been made, meaning 16 more must be made between now and the World Championship final in early May for Hearn to hand out the £1 million cash prize.

But players have criticised the rule claiming 20 147s in a single season is unrealistic which leads to players not being hungry enough to go for a 147 during a match.

Former world champion Neil Robertson told the world’s media last month that in a recent conversation with Hearn about the 147 cash prize, the World Snooker chairman told him 20 147s was ‘damn impossible’.

Last month’s UK Championship saw Ronnie O’Sullivan spark controversy when he turned down an opportunity to go for a 147 when he went for the pink ball after his 15th red – a move which prompted the sound of disapproval from those watching.

Fellow snooker star Alfie Burden asked Hearn on Twitter last month if the total number of maximums could be lowered to give players the chance of achieving the target.

Hearn replied by saying he would be happy to scrap the bonus prize altogether if players were not happy.

He said: “All about insurance. For the worlds for example a 147 is around evens so it’s not indursble. 20 is the only realistic cost but if players don’t like this idea of an unlikely bonus then I’m happy to drop the idea next year..”

What do you think of the 147 cash bonus? Is it making snooker less entertaining?




3 thoughts on “New £1million 147 bonus prize could soon be scrapped – reveals Barry Hearn

  1. I think it’s a generous offer as it’s a nothing to loose offer it should be making the competitors improve there game to a tougher level striving together to try and do this feat

    • Rubbish. There should be a decent prize for every maximum made. Badically , they are going to get nothing for their achievement as their will not be 20 made in a season.

  2. Dart players are being payed £25 grand for 9 perfect darts while standing static, a snooker player has to play 36 perfect shots whilst manoeuvring the cue ball each time to a near perfect position, unfare to be honest, 😪😥

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