Peter Ebdon slams ‘ridiculous’ slow play warning process

Former world champion Peter Ebdon has hit out at snooker bosses after it emerged players consistently averaging a shot speed of more than 30 seconds would be warned about their conduct.

The 2002 world champion responded to a tweet sent by the chairman of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association Jason Ferguson who said anyone persisting with an average time of more than 30 seconds in matches would be deemed a ‘slow’ player.

Ferguson said in a tweet directed to professional player Matthew Selt: “Anyone with over 30 second average is slow in our opinion. We have been monitoring for some time now.

“The consequences if it continues will be in the letters. I’ll just check yours Matt.”

But Ebdon, who has competed in three World Championship finals, said on Twitter he felt the judgement was too harsh given the complicated shots players face at some stages of a match.

Peter Ebdon. Picture by Monique Limbos

He even branded the realistic possibility of being fined for averaging over 30 seconds in matches as “ridiculous”.

Ebdon tweeted: “Snooker is a complex and difficult game. Sometimes, we face very difficult and challenging situations, which require careful evaluation.

“To suggest that an average shot time of 29.9 secs is OK and that 30.1 secs might warrant a professional player being fined, is just ridiculous.”

And in a follow up tweet to snooker commentator and ex player Neal Foulds, Ebdon added: “Players are trying their hardest, often on very poor conditions, in one of the world’s most competitive sports, that requires more critical thinking/evaluation, than any other sport I know and their livelihood depends on results. .”

What do you think of Peter Ebdon’s stance on this? Is 30 seconds for a shot ‘slow’ as Jason Ferguson phrases in his tweet. Let us know your thoughts – comment below or email


3 thoughts on “Peter Ebdon slams ‘ridiculous’ slow play warning process

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