Crucible regular Brian Wright hits out at new football shirt ban

A regular face at the Crucible Theatre has blasted a decision from bosses to ban football shirts from being worn during the World Championship.

Brian Wright has been seen over several years watching the action at the famous arena while wearing old shirts worn by his favourite football team Coventry City.

Earlier this week, The Old Green Baize reported how snooker bosses were getting tough on fashion at this year’s event with anyone wearing a football shirt or a kit from another team sport possibly facing a ban from the arena.

Mr Wright, who even proposed to his partner at Sheffield’s famous venue in a football shirt, made his feelings clear to The Sun newspaper after World Snooker announced it’s new dress code policy.

The front row regular told the paper: “This is a disgrace. Do they want us to sit here in bow ties and waistcoats.

“I’ll be in my top again this year. If they make me change it I guess I’ll have to but I will be devastated.”

To see the full article click here.

A report on the World Snooker website which announced news of the new policy said: “Sorry football fans…but from this year, spectators are requested to dress smartly in the arena.

“The Event Promoter requests that no sportswear or team sport shirts are worn. If in the opinion of the Event Promoter an item of clothing is not deemed suitable to wear in the arena the person will be refused admission until such time they have found an alternative item of clothing that is deemed acceptable.”


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