Northern Ireland youngster, 13, wows snooker world by making 147 maximum

Snooker may have a new star waiting in the wings for when Ronnie O’Sullivan and co call it a day after it was revealed a 13-year-old boy has made a 147 break.

Northern Ireland teenager Robbie McGuigan made the maximum while playing in a match at a snooker club in his home country – just two frames after he dished up a 135.

And his talent seems to run in the family as youngster Robbie is the step-son of this year’s Masters winner and world number 16 Mark Allen.

The memorable maximum happened at the 147 Snooker and Pool Club in the town of Antrim on Friday.

Allen, who lifted the Masters title for the first time in January, tweeted the news and has described McGuigan’s feat as “phenomenal”.

Several years ago Allen told snooker website Pro Snooker Blog about the youngster’s potential in the snooker world.

When asked about the junior scene in Northern Ireland, Allen said: “I would look pretty closely at the junior snooker in Northern Ireland because up until last month all the junior snooker was played in the club that I play at.

“It was easy for me to keep and eye on it and my step-son Robbie McGuigan now plays snooker and he plays in those tournaments and I keep an even closer eye on that again and without being ridiculously biased, he’s only 10 but my step-son is probably as big a prospect as anyone in junior snooker in Northern Ireland.”

You can follow Robbie McGuigan on Twitter here.


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