Ronnie O’Sullivan: ‘Players younger than me are eating rubbish food’

Ronnie O’Sullivan has said one of the reasons he is still winning tournaments at the age of 42 is because his younger rivals are eating “rubbish” food.

Ronnie O’Sullivan. Picture by Monique Limbos

The five-times world champion, who has lifted four ranking titles this season, is to release a new book later this year on health and fitness.

According to Bonnier Publishing, the new book titled ‘Top of Your Game: Eating for the Mind and Body will “show readers how to eat, think and work your way to being number one – and how to stay there”. It will contain over 80 “nourishing” recipes, created with Harley Street nutritionist and author Rhiannon Lambert who O’Sullivan has great respect for.

O’Sullivan, who is this season’s top performer in ranking events by some margin after winning the English Open, Shanghai Masters, UK Championship and the World Grand Prix, said players half his age are eating unhealthy food and spending too much time on their phones.

He is quoted as saying: “When it comes to snooker, I should be on the way down by now, but here I am in my 40’s still competing at the top of the game and fitter than ever,

“I truly believe what you eat keeps you young and in prime position.

“There are kids half my age competing and they can’t concentrate because they eat rubbish and never put down their phones!

“It’s all about eating great food, pacing yourself, recuperating and knowing your mental health is just as important as your physical health. The biggest gains are made when you fuel yourself well, exercise regularly and you rest – thinking this way has changed my life.”

‘Top of Your Game: Eating for the Mind and Body’ publishes on December 27.


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