Has Alan McManus created a new snooker catchphrase?

The Welsh Open saw the first use of a new snooker catchphrase –  which certainly has raised a few laughs from Europsort’s snooker coverage team.

During a match in one of the early rounds, current player and commentator Alan McManus described one good pot as being a ‘striper’.

His phrase ‘oh that’s a striper’ caused a few laughs among pundits Jimmy White, Neal Foulds and Ronnie O’Sullivan and Eurosport host Andy Goldstein..

But nobody seems to know where the word ‘striper’ originates from.

Jokingly, Eurosport inserted the catchphrase to replays of John Higgins’ best shots in his Welsh Open final win and showed it him during his post-match interview.

But afterwards Higgins said he had not heard of the word in his native Scotland.

Time will tell if if the phrase catches on.

For years BBC pundit John Virgo has used his own catchphrase ‘Where’s the Cueball going’  when the white is seen heading towards the pocket.



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