Ronnie Wood plays musical tribute to ‘inspirational’ Ronnie O’Sullivan

Legendary musician Ronnie Wood paid homage to arguably snooker’s greatest player of all time in his very own way – and hundreds of fans loved it.

While watching O’Sullivan pot balls for fun on ITV, close friend Wood tweeted a video of him playing the guitar in front of the TV screen.

The video goes on for 36 seconds and ends with Wood asking his viewers ‘looking for a bit of inspiration?’ as a tribute to the snooker star who eased his way into the World Grand Prix semi-finals with a 4-0 win over Xiao Guodong.

Wood is known to millions worldwide as a member of The Rolling Stones – a rock band formed in the 1960s comprising British music legends Mick Jagger, The band were majorly popular throughout the world and still are to this day.

The pair have been close friends for many years

Their friendship is documented in O’Sullivan’s latest autobiography ‘Running’. In the book O’Sullivan says: “Years ago, when he (Wood) was still with his wife Jo, me and Jimmy White used to go round to theirs and play snooker epics while getting slaughtered with him and Keith Richards.

“One night we were off our heads and me and Jimmy just hit century after century. It was probably the best we’ve ever played, and nobody was there to see it except a couple of blitzed Rolling Stones.”

Wood’s tweet, at the time of writing, was ‘liked’ by almost 1,000 people.


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