Snooker fans missed BBC host Hazel Irvine during The Masters

Snooker fans say they missed seeing Hazel Irvine present BBC’s coverage of The Masters last week and want her to return again soon. .

Snooker presenter Hazel Irvine. Picture – BBC

The Scottish presenter usually fronts the snooker coverage on the BBC – playing the main presenting role in the UK Championship, Masters and the World Championship which the broadcasting giant screen live each year.

But Welsh TV and radio presenter Jason Mohammad stepped in for Irvine throughout all of last week’s BBC coverage of the prestigious event which Mark Allen won.

No official confirmation has been given for why Irvine was not presenting the Masters coverage last week but it could possibly be down to the fact she is preparing or resting ahead of the BBC’s coverage of the Olympic Winter Games which starts next month.

Throughout the week snooker fans took to Twitter to say how they missed Irvine’s presence on the BBC.

2 thoughts on “Snooker fans missed BBC host Hazel Irvine during The Masters

  1. I understood Hazel Irvine had retired and prayed it was the truth, but she she is once again with her silly questions and all knowing mien, don’t tell me that Stephen Hendry , John Parrot or Steve Davis really need
    her input .What a pain .thank heavens for the off button on the TV.

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