Top TV pundit has his say on snooker’s mobile phone problem

Top snooker pundit Neal Foulds has said getting fans to hand in their mobile phones before the start of a match could be a way of solving the issue of phones ringing out during play.

The former player now Eurosport  and ITV commentator and analyser suggested on Twitter that fans should adhere to a “mobile phone amnesty” at venues. The idea would see fans have to hand them in before play started and could recollect them after the session concluded.

Phone image via Crucible image by Monique Limbos

Foulds made the comments after an incident in the fourth frame of Sunday’s Masters final when Kyren Wilson was interrupted from playing an important shot THREE times because of a mobile phone ringing out.

Referee Olivier Marteel ordered the intruder to leave the arena after Wilson was interrupted for the third time. But Wilson asked security to make sure the perpetrator was allowed back into the venue after the mid-session interval which was due to commence following the conclusion of the fourth frame.

Foulds tweeted: “How about a mobile phone amnesty at snooker events? Hand them in at the door then collect them at end of the session. No ringtones or flash cameras putting players off. Maybe too old school an idea for some? #masters”

The issue of phones ringing out is not a new problem in snooker. The issue has been going on for years but despite all the warnings venues give out to audiences urging them to switch phones off, the problem still persists.

But some snooker fans responding to Foulds tweet said the idea would not work.

Twitter user @Lee_blog replied: “Not a goer. Phones may get mislaid or there would be concerns re: data safety. With 2000 people today, I thought, interruptions were minimal.”

Les Olson responded: “Imagine the mayhem at the end when people get the wrong phone back. Make it known to punters that phones are not allowed in the arena and if you’re found to have one you’re out, simple.”

And Armchair Analyst said: “With some phones worth £1000 and some staff being far from honest this will never happen. I can’t use mine when in some hospitals so maybe venues can adopt a similar strategy?”

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