Forget crazy golf – UK Championship sponsors Betway bring back crazy snooker!

It’s snooker as you’ve never seen it before.

Kyren Wilson attempts a shot at Crazy Snooker. Picture and videos courtesy of Betway

We all love a holiday UK or abroad and enjoy a bit of fun around the crazy golf course with some ice cream afterwards. But now there is crazy snooker!

UK Championship sponsors Betway have had some fun recently deriving a new crazy snooker course which sees a snooker table covered with a range of obstacles including Helter-Skelter, Runaway Train and Trapdoor.

Betway organised a game between current world stars Neil Robertson and Kyren Wilson versus some of the game’s well-known names of yesteryear Dennis Taylor and John Parrott.

Both teams produced an array of amazing trick shots and hilarious misses as they battled it out over the brilliant brand-new course.

Was it youth or experience that came out on top? Check out the below videos to find out.

Betway’s first foray into Crazy Snooker last year went down a storm as a video of a match between Neil Robertson and Mark Selby was watched on Tube by more than 500,000 people.


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