WATCH: Agony for John Higgins who fouls on verge of 147 break

How unlucky is this?

This is the moment John Higgins may want to put out of his memory for good after an agonising foul denied him making a superb 147 in the Shanghai Masters earlier today.

After a difficult pot on the final yellow, it looked as if Higgins had done all the hard work en route to making his eighth maximum break of his career during his second round Shanghai Masters match against Zhou Yuelong.

He found himself on the brown and potted it perfectly only and incredibly to see the cueball fall in the middle pocket just seconds afterwards. The cueball looked like it would stay on the table but as if in slow motion rolled into the pocket.

Higgins went on to win the match 5-1 to book his place in the Last 16.

The four-times world champion admitted on Monday he felt like a zombie during his heldover qualifier tie on Monday.

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