The dotted cueball – one top star says it is the ‘way forward’ in snooker and wants to see it used


A former world champion and one of the world’s current top players has said he would like to see a dotted cueball used in top level snooker.

World number five Shaun Murphy made the comments on Tuesday night after Eurosport filmed a new feature as part of its live coverage for this week’s English Open in Barnsley.

Called the Spin Challenge, it asks the channel’s viewers to guess how long a cueball will spin for after it has hit an object ball “as hard as it can”.

World number one Mark Selby was one of the first to give it a go and managed a score of more than 17 seconds.

But responding to the feature, Murphy, who won the World Championship in 2005, said he “would love” to see a dotted cueball implemented in the game.

He said it would be good for the fans around the world to see how much the cueball spins in real time when playing a variety of shots.

Murphy tweeted Eurosport presenter Andy Goldstein saying that the dotted cueball was the “way forward” . Though he did not say what kind of scale in the game he would like to see it used.

A quick glance on Google shows a dotted cueball is used in other cuesports such as billiards, nine-ball pool and English pool.

Shaun Murphy. Picture by Monique Limbos

But Shaun’s idea may take some persuading from those he plays aganist on the main tour.

Some fellow pros including Ronnie O’Sullivan said it wasn’t a good idea at all. O’Sullivan said the idea was “ridiculous”.

And Mark King tweeted Murphy back saying: “Have a day off Shaun,not a good idea at all.”

What do you snooker fans think? Let us know by commenting below.



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