As it happened: Stuart Bingham wins 2015 World Championship

WORLD TROPHY 2Live text and social media updates of the 2015 World Championship final between Shaun Murphy and Stuart Bingham.

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10.55pm – Bingham still in the balls, break of 30 and counting………(1-30)

10.51pm – Now then, Murphy misses long red and leaves a chance for Bingham to accumulate some points – points which could make a dream come true…..

10.45pm – FRAME BINGHAM. A safety error error from Murphy allows Bingham to take the frame. He is now just one away from being world champion.

10.38pm – Murphy misses a long red and leaves it on for Bingham (0-59) But Bingham can only add seven points missing a double (0-66), still not done enough to take the frame.

10.35pm – Bingham misses red on 55 (0-59) Murphy misses red next shot though

10.32pm – Bingham doing well here – moving his break to 41 and counting…..(0-45)

10.29pm – Bingham first in in frame 32…….

10.20pm – FRAME BINGHAM. An hour long frame goes Bingham’s way after a long pot on the pink – he is now just two frames away from the trophy.

10.17pm – Mistake from Murphy as he pots the blue when needing a snooker (56-74)

10.15pm – Both players leave the arena mid frame for a toilet break – just to add to the drama.

10.08pm – Murphy leaves yellow on after poor safety attempt, great chance for Bingham to take the frame. How much of a boost will that be for Bingham? Pots yellow and green (47-74)

10.07pm – This frame now the second longest of the tournament – a couple more fouls sees Bingham leading 69-47

9.54pm – Bingham plays good snooker on yellow with cueball placed in behind the black. (47-31) Murphy fouls SEVEN times (47-61)

9.53pm – Looking certain to clinch the frame, Murphy misses the final yellow only 16 points ahead (47-31) Reprieve for Bingham?

9.50pm – Bingham unlucky to go in-off after a brilliant long red, Murphy back in (20-31)

9.42pm – Bingham catches safety too thick, chance for Murphy (10-30) But loses position on 16-30.

9.35pm – Another safety battle commences as Bingham breaks down while leading 6-30.

9.33pm – A foul from Murphy and then a thin cut on the brown gives Bingham a chance to get points on the board (9-16)

9.29pm – Very scrappy and tense here. Neither playing giving anything away (9-6)

9.17pm – Things not going Bingham’s way – nice pot on a red but lands snookered on the intended black – fouls after nominating yellow (4-6)

9.11pm – FRAME MURPHY. Three frames in a row now for Murphy as he levels the match at 15-15. What a climax we have in store.

9.08pm – Murphy misses red on break of 38, leading by 52-0 – but then Bingham misses swerve shot to corner pocket allowing Murphy back in. Looks like 15-15 now

9.04pm – Murphy misses blue off its spot but a missed red from Bingham puts him back in (14-0)

9.00pm – Bingham fouls allowing Murphy to make the first pot of the business end of this match (5-0)

8.34pm – FRAME MURPHY – And Bingham concedes after fouling on the yellow. Murphy closes to just one frame behind.

8.30pm – Murphy goes in-off from the penultimate red but has 42 point lead with just 35 remaining (64-22)

8.29pm – Murphy in the driving seat as his break moves to 58 (58-18) three reds remaining

8.22pm – Murphy leaves red hanging on the jaw while attempting a safety, Bingham pots it but then misses pink with the rest – chance for Murphy. (0-18)

8.20pm – Bingham can only make 17 though as he loses position (0-17)

8.15pm – Nice long pot from Bingham sets up the first chance of frame 29. He’ll want to win this frame to keep a stranglehold of this match or else Murphy will go just one behind and heap the pressure on him.

8.09pm – FRAME MURPHY. Murphy stays in contention with a brilliant clearance of 75 after Bingham’s missed black. It’s 15-13.

8.07pm – This frame looking like going all the way – Murphy still in with a chance on a break of 48 with final colours remaining.

8.01pm – Bingham misses black off its spot on 47 – chance for Murphy to fightback in this frame (0-55)

7.56pm – But he misses red while hampered and is lucky to get away with it (0-8) Murphy forced to play safe with nothing on.

7.54pm – And Bingham gets the first chance of frame 28……..

BBC Pundit and former world champion John Parrott says the break was the best of the match

7.48pm – FRAME BINGHAM. Great snooker from Bingham as a hard earned break of 102 moves him just three frames away.

7.45pm – This has been a well compiled break so far – 53 and counting……..

7.38pm – Bingham looking to make the most of his first real scoring chance this evening (6-14) Not the easiest break to make with a black on the brown spot, so lots of cue power and immaculate positional play need,

7.32pm – FRAME MURPHY. A much needed boost for Murphy who dominated the evening’s first frame – now just two behind.

7.25pm – Murphy extends his lead to 65-0 before another long pot leads him to play a snooker (66-0)

7.22pm – Bingham leaves pot on, which Murphy takes brilliantly – another chance to get points on the board (38-0)

7.19pm – Break of 37 for Murphy, Bingham back in with cueball on baulk cushion (37-0)

7.15pm – Murphy makes the first pot of the session, reds are open here so it is a chance for him early doors (1-0)

7.09pm – And we are back underway, let the fun start here.

Bingham was in great form this afternoon winning six of the eight frames played to take control of proceedings. Murphy needs to respond quickly tonight if he is to lift snooker’s greatest prize for a second time. 

Welcome back to our Live feed! This is it – the final session of the World Championship final is here. Stuart Bingham leads Shaun Murphy 14-11 and stands just four frames away from glory.  

4.30pm – Murphy misses green to centre pocket trailing 58-7 allowing Bingham the chance to increase his lead going into tonight’s final session.

4.21pm – Nice screw shot from long red puts Bingham in first in this final frame of the session.

4.19pm – FRAME MURPHY – That long red earns Murphy the reward he was after as a break of  84 once again reduces his deficit to 13-11.

4.16pm – 60 and counting for Murphy……….

4.12pm – Brave long pot from Murphy with reds scattered near the black spot goes in, early chance for him here. A miss could have been costly.

4.08pm – FRAME BINGHAM – A brilliantly compiled break of 87 gives Bingham a 13-10 lead.

4.04pm – Bingham looking to take full advantage of that Murphy miss – now leading 38-0

3.57pm – Bingham misses red to the green pocket (0-0). But Murphy fails to take advantage missing another red immediately afterwards

3.55pm – FRAME MURPHY. Important frame to win for Murphy – his first of the day, now 12-10 behind.

3.52pm – Murphy knocks in long red to move 60 points in front, surely now he’ll get his first frame of the day.

3.49pm – Break of 59 for Murphy comes to an end after a miss on a long red to the yellow pocket. Not quite past the winning line just yet (59-0)

3.44pm – Murphy first in after the restart after a Bingham safety error. These are chances he needs to make the most of.

3.13pm – FRAME BINGHAM. Murphy’s safety goes wrong at 2-50 and Bingham secures another frame on the board – his fifth on the bounce and eight out of nine frames.

3.09pm – Break of 50 from Bingham gives him upper hand in frame 21 (1-50)

3.04pm – Murphy feeling the pressure, a missed blue hands Bingham an early chance to score again (1-0)

3.02pm – FRAME BINGHAM. Bingham misses final red during a 147 attempt. But a 112 puts him 11-9 up.

2.56pm – Ten reds and Ten blacks from Bingham…………………

2.52pm – Six reds and Six blacks from Bingham…………………

2.48pm – And a confident Bingham knocks in a long red, the belief is there. Another scoring chance presents itself (0-1)

2.46pm – FRAME BINGHAM. That missed last red from Murphy is costly as Bingham takes the lead for the first time at 10-9

2.43pm – Murphy misses final red and leaves it on to the centre pocket for Bingham (40-51)

2.39pm – Well…..Bingham misses penultimate red with rest on 51, Murphy back in (32-51)

2.38pm – Break of 45 and counting for Bingham – can he take the lead for the first time?

2.33pm – Murphy misses surprising red on 30, early pressure telling? Bingham back in (32-0)

STEPHEN HENDRY – “This is the best final I’ve watched in recent years. It’s my kind of snooker.”

2.28pm – Bingham catches safety slightly too thick and Murphy sinks in another long red to get back in (3-0)

2.25pm – Murphy plays a great long shot – so good two reds went in – but is left awkward on the black, likely to play safe (2-0) Plays the safety well, white on baulk cushion.

2.23pm – FRAME BINGHAM. Break of 87 gives Bingham the perfect start to make it 9-9.

2.21pm – Bingham going well here, Murphy now needing snookers – 65 and counting. Another frame with a 50plus break.

2.18pm – Nice pot on the pink into centre pocket develops some reds into play – now a decent chance this for 9-9. (4-37)

2.16pm – Break of 30 and counting for Bingham but still with much to do – many reds tied up as things stand (4-30)

2.12pm – Murphy with the first points of the session but Bingham now in after a terrific long pot as well (4-1)

2.09pm – And we’re away……………………

2.03pm – Players to arrive into the Crucible arena within the next few minutes for the third session. With the match at a knife-edge every frame will be crucial

Murphy 2005

TEN YEARS AGO – Shaun Murphy beat Matthew Stevens to win his first world title – will there be similar scenes later today?

Shaun Murphy. Picture by Monique Limbos

Shaun Murphy. Picture by Monique Limbos

Shaun Murphy is in the form of his life. With the upper hand gained, can he complete one more day of dominance to lift the world title for a second title? 

Stuart Bingham. Picture by Monique Limbos

Stuart Bingham. Picture by Monique Limbos

Stuart Bingham came back from 8-4 down last night to finish the session just 9-8 behind. Will he become world champion for the first time?

Here’s a reminder (if you need one) of what happened in the first 17 frames yesterday as Bingham refused to let Murphy run away with commanding lead –

Shaun Murphy has an overnight 9-8 lead over Stuart Bingham after an entertaining first two sessions which produced at least one 50 plus break for 15 out of the 16 frames played.

It’s the day snooker fans look forward to and place on their calendar every year – the climax of the World Championship is finally here and it currently stands beautifully poised.



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