AS IT HAPPENED – Trump vs Bingham Semi-Final Part 2

Judd Trump. Picture courtesy of Monique Limbos

Judd Trump. Picture courtesy of Monique Limbos

Text and social media coverage of the second session of the World Championship semi-final between Judd Trump and Stuart Bingham


Many thanks for reading the live feed throughout the afternoon. No live coverage from us tonight but we’ll be tweeting updates @TOGB_snooker as Shaun Murphy looks to book his place in this year’s World Championship final. This is Nigel Slater signing off. 

Trump closing it to 9-7 there has placed the match beautifully poised going into the third session on Saturday morning.

A fascinating session that. Once again Bingham showing that he is going to take some beating in this semi-final clash.

5.35pm – Trump wins the final frame of the session with a break of 64 to ensure he trails overnight by just two frames at 9-7.

5.31pm – Trump back in after Bingham misses long pot – just needs to get points on the board here. (31-4)

5.26pm – Trump looking to take control of this 16th frame but unfortunately loses position on black – plays safe leading 26-4

5.13pm – Trump doesn’t return to the table as a break of 85 puts Bingham 9-6 up going into the session’s final frame. Big difference between 10-6 and 9-7

5.08pm – Trump wondering if he will return to the table, Bingham on break of 31 (9-31)

5.03pm – Trump misses the green early in frame 15 (9-0)

4.55pm – FRAME TRUMP – A foul from Bingham when looking for snookers forces him to concede. It’s 8-6.

4.53pm – Bingham thought he had the yellow safe, but Trump knocks it in as well as green and brown. Bingham needs snookers 61-35 behind with just 18 left.

4.51pm – Bingham leaves red on after missing thin cut to the corner pocket to allow Trump back in – Trump leads 52-35 going into the final colours – safety dual in progress

4.45pm – Trump’s knocking these reds in so far, now into the lead but with still work to do (45-35) But misses on 45

4.41pm – Bingham makes mess of safety and splits reds open for Trump – he could badly do with closing the match up again. (0-35)

4.35pm – Terrific long pot from Bingham gives him first chance in frame 14.

4.32pm – FRAME BINGHAM – Trump’s miss on the red allows Bingham to clinch the frame – now 8-5 in front.

4.30pm – Great shot from pink to final red from Trump but then misses red – Bingham pots it (41-55)

4.27pm – Trump misses red with the rest on 22 – Bingham with a 32 point lead, four reds left (22-54)

4.25pm – Spoke to soon, Bingham misses a tough cut on the pink on 54 – Trump still has a chance in this frame (0-54)

4.24pm – Bingham looking good for 8-5 here, now on a break of 53 and counting. A risky opening could lead to full rewards.

4.19pm – Bingham makes the first pot after a brave cut on a red – black nearly followed suit but landed an inch away from going in the pocket – chance to score big now. (0-1)

4.14pm – Play back underway, stalemate as things stand. Good safety from both with reds open

3.52pm – Trump gets safety wrong and Bingham clinches the frame to restore two-frame advantage.

3.50pm – Bingham loses position on run of 67 when needing another red to clinch frame – plays safe leading by 58 but with 59 on (9-67)

3.48pm – Bingham going well in response so far – but that was the case in the last frame – break of 52 and counting….

3.42pm – Trump misses black of its spot after being hampered by a red (9-0)

3.36pm – FRAME TRUMP – And Trump makes the most of that poor miss from Bingham with a clearance of 63. The first turning point? Trump now one behind at 5-6, it could have been 7-4 to Bingham.

3.33pm – Trump goes into the lead with the final colours remaining (52-51)

3.29pm – WOW! Bingham misses simple red when looking in control of the frame – ending break of 46 (9-51) Trump back in.

3.22pm – But Trump again misses a red to the middle – chance for Bingham, how many points can he score? (9-5)

3.21pm – Very sportingly, Bingham calls a foul on himself before Trump fires in a long red and then a great canon from the potted brown (9-5)

3.19pm – Trump misses delicate red into middle, leaving it for Bingham who pots it, then the brown but lands on the pack of reds with no pot on (0-5)

3.15pm – FRAME TRUMP. Trump back to his best as a break of 113 gets him his first frame of the afternoon. He still trails though 6.4.

3.11pm – Things going well for Trump here – break of 61 and counting…..

3.07pm – Nice pot on the blue from Trump is followed by a good canon onto the pack of reds – chance for him to score (7-0).

3.03pm – FRAME BINGHAM. And Bingham takes the frame with a break of 52 to extend his lead – the ideal start for Bingham.

3.01pm – Bingham moves his break to 38 with just the colours remaining – good chance for the frame (43-49)

2.56pm – Trump’s return safety goes wrong catching jaw of middle pocket and landing next to open reds for Bingham (43-11)

2.54pm – Nice little break of 22 for Trump who then plays safe, Bingham replies with very good safety (43-11)

2.49pm – Bit of a stalemate ends with a stunning long pot from Trump – most of the colours, all bar the black, in and around the baulk area so break building difficult (22-11)

2.41pm – A careless positional error from Trump means he has to play safe and let go of a good scoring chance. (16-1)

Stuart Bingham. Picture by Monique Limbos

Stuart Bingham. Picture by Monique Limbos

Bingham last night showed Trump he was in for a battle – how the 25-year-old responds today will make for good viewing.

Trump, the bookies new favourite to win the title, is behind after Bingham rallied last night coming back from 2-1 down to take an overnight 5-3 lead.

Welcome back to The Old Green Baize. We’ve just seen Hawkins vs Murphy Part 2, now its time for Trump and Bingham to restart their battle after opening proceedings got underway last night.


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