AS IT HAPPENED – Hawkins vs Murphy Semi-Final Part 2

Shaun Murphy. Picture by Monique Limbos

Shaun Murphy. Picture by Monique Limbos

Text and social media coverage of the second session of the World Championship semi-final between Shaun Murphy and Barry Hawkins.


The pair resume tonight with Murphy just needing to win four more frames to book his place in the final. the way the first two sessions have gone, it looks more than likely this semi-final will be over with a day to spare.

Shaun Murphy is in dream land at the moment. A brilliant display of snooker, long breaks and fantastic long potting to match. In this form you would have to say he is odds on for his second world title.

12.20pm – And Murphy dominates the next frame to go 13-3 up against Hawkins. A fantastic display puts him just four frames away from the final.

12.08pm – And Murphy takes the chance to go 12-3 up

12.01 – Stunning long red by Murphy followed by the pink gives him chance to get a good lead on the board (35-27)

11.55am – Hawkins misses red along the bottom cushion and now a safety battle is in progress (28-27)

11.52am – Stunning long red from Hawkins after Murphy could only make 28 – what can Barry do with this chance? (28-1)

11.49am – Murphy in again at the start of frame 15……

11.43am – CENTURY – And that missed pink is once again punished by an on-fire Murphy who makes a brilliant break of 121. 11-3.

11.36am – Hawkins misses pink from its spot after given early chance by Murphy (0-10)

11.32am – FRAME HAWKINS – Hawkins win his first frame of the day with a break of 79 after that Murphy foul on the black. That will do him the world of good.

11.25am – FOUL – Murphy fouls knocking the black off the table trying to force a canon into reds – chance for Hawkins (33-21)

11.21am – Hawkins misses red to the middle on 14 (0-14)


Absolute brilliant snooker from Murphy has put him in a great position to reach his third World Championship final. He’s rarely missed this morning and punished any mistake an under pressure Hawkins has made. Now 10-2 behind, its damage limitation for Hawkins who needs to pick himself back up quickly to avoid embarrassing scoreline.

10.59am – FRAME MURPHY – A break of 72 extends Murphy’s lead even further 10-2. What a start!

10.52am – Nothing going Hawkins’ way, loses position on the black on 18 so much snooker he’s snookered on. Fails to escape it and leaves Murphy in (7-18)

Sensational run of potting from Murphy has blown away any chance Hawkins had of winning the session – to win the session he must win all five of the remaining frames.

10.48am – FRAME MURPHY – ‘Scary snooker’ says John Virgo as a break of 79 puts him 9-2 in front. Murphy in complete control here.

10.41am – Murphy first in in frame 11 with long red and black to the middle – he’s not missing a pot at the moment (8-0)

10.38am – FRAME MURPHY – A ruthless break of 105 – the 70th century of the tournament – puts him further clear. It’s the perfect start for Murphy.

10.35am – Murphy in fine form here – potting really well, break of 54 and counting…..

10.31am – But Hawkins over cuts a red with the rest – his break ends on 32 (0-32)

10.28am – Nice long pot from Hawkins, really needs to get going now before it is too late. (0-1)

10.26am – FRAME MURPHY – a break of 73 gives him the first frame of the session and moves into a 7-2 lead. Not the start Hawkins wanted.

10.23am – Break of 46 and counting for Murphy – just colours remaining

10.19am – Nice long red from Murphy after Hawkins could not get cueball fully safe (10-31)

10.17am – But Hawkins can’t take full advantage losing position from red to black, however plays good safety (9-31)

10.15am – Surprise miss on the blue from Murphy allows Hawkins back in with scoring chance (9-16)

10.13am – Murphy lose position and forced to play safe, Hawkins leading 16-8

10.11am – Can only make 16 after missing cut on red, unlucky not to have left anything easier after good canon from blue to reds. Murphy makes long pot (1-16)

10.08am – Nice long pot from Hawkins, followed by the green – what can he make of this first opportunity? (0-4)

A reminder here of how the first session went –

Another 6-2 session win for Murphy could see Hawkins with it all to do later tonight – you feel it is vital for him not to lose this session.

Maybe Hawkins was suffering from tiredness and fatigue following his late night victory over Neil Robertson. He’ll be hoping to be feel a bit fresher this morning and make strides of closing his deficit.

A great day of action yesterday as the Crucible’s famous one-table set up returned. But it wasn’t a good day for Hawkins who trailed 6-2 to Murphy at the end of the session.

Morning everybody and welcome to The Old Green Baize website. This morning we provide you with live text updates of the second session World Championship semi-final between Shaun Murphy and Barry Hawkins.

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