LIVE: UK Championship Final – Ronnie O’Sullivan vs Judd Trump


Hello and welcome to Live coverage of this year’s UK Championship final between Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan. I’m Nigel Slater, editor of The Old Green Baize and will be providing you with text updates throughout this mouth-watering final between two of snooker’s most entertaining talents in the game.

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RONNIE O’SULLIVAN 10-9 JUDD TRUMP (best of 19 frames)

Well what a match that was! From 9-4 down Trump almost pulled off the most incredible comeback win the sport has ever seen. But O’Sullivan, despite losing five frames on the bounce, showed true grit and determination to clinch his fifth UK title.

O’SULLIVAN AFTER 10-9 WIN –  ‘I was gone, I didn’t know what day it was. It’s the hardest match I have ever played. He looked unstoppable.’

IT’S ALL OVER – Ronnie O’Sullivan wins his fifth UK Championship beating Judd Trump 10-9

O’Sullivan now gaining a handy lead (52-14) break is 28 and counting

Trump fouls and leaves O’Sullivan on a number of reds – has Trump lost it?

O’Sullivan snookers Trump in behind the green, it is a tough snooker to escape from and leave safe. (20-14)

Trump pots the pink again but has lost position on next red, plays safe (20-14)

O’Sullivan leaves red on in safety attempt, Trumps pots it but is left with very tough pink – especially in the circumstances. He drills it in (20-7)

O’Sullivan plays safe after Trump fouls (20-0)

O’Sullivan pulls off great long pot (1-0)


9.45pm – DECIDER – Trump clears with a break of 67 to level at 9-9. Unbelievable scenes!!!

9.41pm – O’Sullivan leaves red on in safety exchange, Trump fires it in (59-1)

9.38pm – O’Sullivan now with a 51 point lead, looking good for him to clinch victory – still work to do

9.35pm – O’Sullivan fires in a long red to get back into position (22-0)

9.34pm – Would you believe it? O’Sullivan misses black off its spot with a chance to win the match (21-0)

9.31pm – Trump misses long red this time, chance for O’Sullivan to make his first pot in 39 minutes, which he takes (1-0)

9.27pm – GAME ON!!! Trump makes a great break of 86 to go just one behind at 9-8. What a transformation from 9-4 down!

9.23pm – Trump’s break moves onto 57……..(8-57)

9.19pm – Well well well, O’Sullivan misses long red and leaves it for Trump to pot – are things turning Trump’s direction? (0-1)

9.15pm – Trump moves 9-7 behind after a superb run of 127. It’s all getting interesting from all of a sudden.

9.11pm – Trump’s break moves on to 60 – looking good for his third frame in a row here (0-60)

9.08pm – Trump makes first pot of the 16th frame. Is his confidence and swagger coming back at the most crucial time?

9.05pm – Brilliant rearguard action from Trump as his best break of 120 reduces his deficit to 9-6.

9.03pm – Trump’s break now 60, his highest of the match, and counting – 9-6 is looking very likely.

8.59pm – Trump first in and plays a great canon shot from the blue (0-21)

8.53pm – Trump then knocks in final green to get another frame on the board – the start of a thrilling comeback? Unlikely but its 9-5.

8.50pm – Great long red from Trump but fails to get on a colour, O’Sullivan then fouls.

8.44pm – O’Sullivan misses penultimate red but Trump can’t take advantage – sums up his day. (32-48)

8.42pm – Trump misses black and leaves red on to middle for O’Sullivan (5-48)

8.38pm – Trump misses brown off its spot to end break of 42 (0-43)

8.35pm – Judd makes a nice pot on the red to set up a nice scoring chance.

8.29pm – And O’Sullivan does the rest to go on the verge of victory at 9-4. Trump with it all to do.

8.26pm – But then Trump misses long blue, OSullivan knocks in last red to middle

8.25pm – Trump pots pink in the middle but loses position, plays safe with two reds left (54-30) O’Sullivan then concedes a foul – Trump then pots the red with a fluke (54-35)

8.23pm – O’Sullivan misses plant shot on 54, Trump back in with easy opener (54-0)

8.17pm – Players back out and O’Sullivan pots the first red after the restart. Just two more needed for his fifth UK Championship title.

7.55pm – Absolutely sublime snooker from O’Sullivan who hits his first century of the match – a 133 puts him in full control.

7.51pm – Great plant shot keeps break going, O’Sullivan now leading 52-0 and looking good for 8-4.

7.48pm – Lovely long pot from O’Sullivan to the yellow pocket gifts him great chance to score big early in frame 12.

7.45pm – Trump’s safety shot proves too goo for O’Sullivan to handle, should now be 7-4 and infact is.

7.43pm – Long red from Trump is followed by a snooker behind the yellow, O’Sullivan escapes it well. (0-50)

7.41pm – Trump doing well here but needs to finish it, this break now 48 and counting (0-49) And as soon as I say that he misses a red. Once again Trump failing to kill a frame off when its there for the taking.

7.37pm – O’Sullivan misses long red and leaves great scoring chance for Trump who badly needs to get another frame on the board.

7.32pm – And O’Sullivan clears to move 7-3 ahead. Again he comes back from behind to steal another frame. Trump will be a worried man.

7.30pm – O’Sullivan misses final red before Trump leaves it on when getting out of a snooker.

7.27pm – Trump misses long red, O’Sullivan off the mark with a red, then pots black. Trump will be anxious here. (8-56)

7.25pm – Trump runs out of position on 56 and nudges the pink safe to the side cushion (0-56)

7.23pm – Like the last frame, Trump first in in the balls, 39 break and counting – needs to go on here.

7.18pm – O’Sullivan makes break of 53 to lead 6-3.

7.13pm – O’Sullivan goes in-off after missing the blue, Trump back in (14-53)

7.11pm – O’Sullivan knocks in a long red after Trump misses red into middle (2-48)

7.09pm – Trump misses red on 48 but an encouraging start by potting reds early (0-48)

Welcome back to the evening session.

Join me from 7pm for the final session and climax to this final.

4.18pm – And O’Sullivan leaves the pink on for Trump to seal the frame. From 5-1 down Trump has took the final two frames to keep himself alive in the final at 5-3 going into tonight’s final session.

4.16pm – Poor safety from O’Sullivan, Trump knocks in long green, then brown, then blue (49-63) – nearly there for 5-3.

Trump goes in-off, but could have been worse as the green is not potable from the D.

4.13pm – This final frame will be decided on the colours. O’Sullivan gets snooker knocking the green in behind the blue, leaving Trump snookered once again – hard to get safe.

4.11pm – O’Sullivan pots penultimate red then snookers Trump in behind the brown for the final red (19-51). Trump fouls THREE times hitting the pink (37-51)

4.03pm – Let off for Trump as O’Sullivan misses straight-forward red (18-51)

4.02pm – Trump goes in-off playing safe ff the green after a long red, O’Sullivan pots long red (6-51) then black (13-51)

3.57pm – Can’t take it though as he misses red to middle, safety exchange commences (1-50)

3.55pm – O’Sullivan leaves red on when aiming to play safe, another good chance to close the gap to 5-3 for Trump

3.52pm – O’Sullivan plays poor safety which allows Trump a long pot, he then pots the pink. (1-47)

3.47pm – Trump loses position after blue to middle, forced to play safe after break of 39. (0-39). O’Sullivan takes on plant shot to middle but misses.

3.44pm – Trump knock in long red then plays great positional shot on the yellow (0-3)

3.40pm – Trump pots final yellow  to seal the frame. That was vital for Judd as we approach the session’s final frame. Will it be 6-2 or 5-3?

3.31pm – Trump extends break to 46 before missing penultimate red, O’Sullivan still in it with a snooker needed (20-66)

3.28pm – Brilliant long red from Judd, gives him another chance – needs to take it you feel. (20-21)

3.18pm – Surprise miss on red to middle from O’Sullivan puts Trump back in but he gets a kick which stops the black going in (16-20)

3.11pm – Huge blow for Trump as O’Sullivan pots the rest to extend his lead to 5-1.

3.09pm – O’Sullivan plays delightful positional pot on yellow to get on final red to the middle , now firm favourite for the frame.

3.07pm – Trump misses the red to the middle after doing all the hard work to get back in the frame. (41-49) How big a blow could that be? Big difference between 4-2 and 5-1.

3.04pm – Brilliant long red from Trump is followed by excellent positional play on the yellow. Big scoring chance now for him (41-9)

2.59pm – O’Sullivan misses long red to end break of 33, Judd pots next red and then blue before playing safe and avoiding a risky pot (33-6)

2.57pm – O’Sullivan first in in frame six – nice black in the middle puts him 19-0 in front.

2.48pm – O’Sullivan now increases his lead to 4-1 with a break of 81. Worrying times for Trump already in this final.

2.46pm – Gorgeous long red from O’Sullivan to the green pocket, nicely on the black at the business end of the table (34-1)

2.41pm – O’Sullivan misses red to the middle when trying to hold for the black (33-0). Trump pots red but is not on a colour, end of break. John Virgo – ‘He might need a pair of stepladders to reach this black’ (33-1)

2.37pm – O’Sullivan misses black off its spot before Trump misses easy red, (6-0)

Given Trump’s latest tweet (below) it will be interesting to see how he responds after the restart.

2.12pm – And O’Sullivan adds a further 27 points to take a 3-1 lead at the mid-session interval. Time for a cup of tea – back soon!

2.10pm – O’Sullivan plays safe on final red with a 60-13 lead with Trump needing snookers

2.08pm – A foul on the pink from Trump has allowed O’Sullivan a chance to score. Break of 28 and counting (47-13)

2.02pm – Trump plays tough snooker behind yellow after good pot on close-by red (13-8), after one foul O’Sullivan escapes brilliantly. (13-12)

1.59pm – Trump misses nearby red playing it with heavy pace (1-7)

1.55pm – Trump misjudges  safety on red giving O’Sullivan easy starter, which he pots but then plays safe on green (1-1)

1.53pm – Great long red from Trump but unfortunately lands touching a red meaning he can’t get to the black. Has to play safe (0-1). Long potting been brilliant so far from both players

1.51pm – O’Sullivan misses final red to side cushion but he regains the lead with a break of 82.

1.49pm – O’Sullivan extends his break to 51 and is about to go 2-1 up. (73-0)

1.45pm – Lovely long red from O’Sullivan gets him nicely on black, another scoring chance for him now as he moves (38-0) ahead.

1.43pm – O’Sullivan first in in frame three with break of 21 but plays safe after losing position (21-0)

1.40pm – ALL SQUARE – A break of 50 gets Trump level at 1-1

1.38pm – A brilliant long red from Trump  sets up frame winning opportunity after O’Sullivan was forced to play safe (32-73)

1.28pm – Frame 2 underway – terrific long red from Trump (0-1).

1.25pm – And O’Sullivan clears to the pink to take the first frame.

1.22pm – O’Sullivan misses red down the side cushion after playing it with pace, Judd misses red to same pocket. O’Sullivan lays snooker behind blue, Judd then escapes but leaves the red on. (27-44)

1.20pm – Great long red from O’Sullivan after safety exchange, then pots nearby black (22-44)

1.15pm – Trump forced to play safe after losing position on 44 (14-44),

1.13pm – Trump in the balls but pink and black are out of commission, currently on 35 (14-35)

1.08pm – O’Sullivan misses blue to middle when aiming to canon into group of reds (14-0)

1.05pm – O’Sullivan begins with an immaculate long pot after Trump’s break off (1-0)

1.04pm – Players out – ‘Bring it on’ says Dennis Taylor. Players pose beside the trophy. Trump breaks off – here we go.

12.56pm – Live coverage on the BBC is now underway, means only one thing – we are close to the action! Rob Walker now doing his thing as Master of Ceremonies

12.45pm – CLASSIC CLIP 2: How Judd Trump lifted his first UK Championship title in 2011, beating Mark Allen in a thrilling final

12.40pm – CLASSIC CLIP 1: A recap of the classic moment when Ronnie O’Sullivan became the youngest winner of the UK Championship, at just 17-years-old, back in 1993.


“I think that Judd will be the underdog today and it will relax him. If he scores the way he has been scoring then I think he will win because Ronnie hasn’t been at is best in this tournament despite the 147 against Matthew Selt.

“The fact that Judd didn’t leave the arena till late last night shouldn’t affect him. I hate when players use that excuse in all honesty. When they’ve had a late match or had three tough matches in a tournament and they say they’re drained. I’ve never subscribed to that at all.  When you’re in a final that is enough to get you up and get your adrenaline going.

“If I had to pick a score, it would be 10-7 to Judd Trump.”

Hendry was speaking to Bean Bag Sports

– Take part in a live poll – who will win this year’s UK Championship final between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump. Will keep it running throughout the final to see whether or not it changes throughout.

12.15pm – O’Sullivan and Trump meet in a big final once again this season. The pair produced a thrilling Champion of Champions final last month in front of the ITV cameras in what was one of the games of the season and calendar year. O’Sullivan won it in style with a century break, winning 10-7.


Trump maintains composure to reach UK Championship final:

O’Sullivan storms back to clinch place in UK Championship final:

12pm – To start things off here’s a reminder of how both players reached today’s final.



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