Carter looking forward to snooker return after life-changing battle

Ali Carter. Picture by Monique Limbos

Ali Carter. Picture by Monique Limbos

INSPIRATIONAL Ali Carter has said he can’t wait to return to the sport he’s loved all his life after spending a life-threatening past few months battling lung cancer.

The three-time ranking event winner revealed the full extent of his trauma when he spoke to national radio station Talksport last night (Friday) and said how his battle against cancer has changed his outlook on life.

Carter, who was diagnosed with a form of lung cancer after last season’s World Championship, has gone through a heavy programme of chemotherapy and revealed on Twitter earlier in the week the treatment was going ‘positive’ and was planning a comeback to the game in the near future – possibly as soon as October.

“It has been a tough few months but I’m bearing up and looking forward to the future,” he said on the station’s The Sports Bar show. “I have finished the chemotherapy. It’s three weeks since the last session, so I’m feeling like myself a bit more now.

“It has all happened quickly and I’m now trying to get back to normality and start playing snooker again.”

Speaking to presenter Andy Goldstein, Carter said he had no choice but to fight against the cancer especially after seeing his four-year-old son just moments after finding out he was diagnosed with the condition.

“After I found out I had cancer, I got home and my four-year-old boy was sitting on the sofa. He said ‘Daddy, you’re my best friend.’ I thought to myself that I could either lie down and die, or I could fight this.

“I had no choice other than to just be positive and expect the best possible outcome. Of course there have been dark times and dark days, but I have tried to remember that my son needs me and I have to get through it.

“It has totally changed my outcome on life. Snooker is important to me because it’s my career and I love the game. When I play I’m going to try to win, but knocking a few balls around the table just doesn’t matter.

“I have been playing throughout my treatment. The first two cycles of chemotherapy affected my eyesight and I’d go to the snooker club all starry-eyed, but that seemed to go away during the third cycle.

“I have the shakes a lot of the time. But generally the practice is going well. I haven’t had the best temperament throughout my career, but I’ve been missing easy balls and getting kicks and just laughing and smiling. Everyone might be pleasantly surprised by my attitude when I come back.

“I’m looking forward to travelling and seeing all the boys on the circuit again. I’m a competitive animal so I want to get back amongst it.”

The full interview can be listened to by clicking here for Talksport’s official website.

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