Hopkin determined to make dream come true

By Nigel Slater

NOTTINGHAM youngster Sean Hopkin is on a quest to turn his childhood dream into a reality.

From an early age, all Sean has ever wanted to do is to become a professional snooker player and that is very much still the case for the now 16-year-old.

And make no mistake about it this teenager has potential to his name. So much so, earlier this year it was announced on The Snookerbacker Blog former world champion Shaun Murphy chose Sean to be his Scholar for the season.

As part of the scholarship Murphy, currently ranked number four in the world, funded his entrance fee in the Snookerbacker Classic tournament in Leeds back in September and has offered him a coaching session which will take place later this month.

Sean, who practises with Nottingham professional Michael Holt, told The Old Green Baize it was a huge honour to be chosen by the 2005 world champion.

“It was a total surprise, Snookerbacker messaged me and told me Shaun Murphy was willing to put me in the tournament (SB Classic) which cost £50,” he said. “I was shocked but very happy at the same time.

“I’m going to meet him later this month and I can’t wait to play against him. I’m sure I’ll learn so much in that one day.”

For now, the youngster has only one thing in his mind and hopes to be competing in Q School next year in a bid to secure a spot on the world tour next season. But the teenager hopes he can get some help along the way and is currently looking for people to sponsor him.

“It would mean the world to me to make it professional,” he added. “Since I first picked up a cue and started playing snooker at eight-years-old it is all I’ve ever wanted to do. It would be a dream come true.

“I first got into snooker when my granddad would take me every Saturday morning. I’d wake up at 6am every morning and be ready by 7am stood at the front door with my snooker cue waiting for him to pull up in his car.

“But to help me I really could do with someone in my corner who could fund me, I’d love to be able to travel abroad and play in PTC’s all over the world. The experience would be massive.

“My family have done there absolute best for me but I’m praying a business man who can hopefully spot my potential and help take me to the next step. I believe I have what it takes to be a successful professional snooker player.”

The fact a former world championship is backing Sean speaks wonders about his credentials. With that in mind, he could be a name to remember for the future of the game.

For updates on Sean’s career follow him on Twitter @TheSnake147.

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