Allen faces charge over post-match comments

MARK Allen will face a disciplinary charge over comments he made after his shock first round defeat to qualifier Cao Yupeng.

After losing 10-6, the Northern Irishman claimed Chinese players were guilty of cheating in the modern game.

Allen’s comments stem from an incident in the 10th frame where he claimed Yupeng did not admit to making a push shot.

During the post-match press conference he said: “It seems to be a bit of a trait for the Chinese players, there have been a few instances in the past where there has been fouls and blatant cheating going on, and it needs to be corrected.”

Today World Snooker, the sport’s governing body, announced Allen will face disciplinary action.

World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association chairman Jason Ferguson said: “The WPBSA is responsible for the governance of snooker worldwide and takes very seriously comments made which could be perceived to be directed at a particular nation.

“The Chairman of the disciplinary committee Nigel Mawer is making further inquiries into this incident. Mark Allen will be given 14 days to respond to the letter.”

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