World Snooker Championship Qualifiers – Round Three Results

Qualifying matches are first to ten frames (best of 19). The player in brackets is who the winner faces in the next qualifying round.

Anthony McGILL 10-0 Adam WICHEARD (Anthony HAMILTON)

Ben WOOLLASTON 10-4 Daniel WELLS (Steve DAVIS)

Andy HICKS 10-3 Liam HIGHFIELD (Jamie JONES)

Xiao GUODONG 10-4 Aditya MEHTA (Robert MILKINS)

James WATTANA 10 – 6 Li YAN (Gerard GREENE)

Yu DELU 10-2 Michael WHITE (Matthew SELT)

Luca BRECEL 10-3 Barry PINCHES (Michael HOLT)

Justin ASTLEY 10-7 Tony DRAGO (Liang WENBO)


Cao YUPENG 10-9 Dave HAROLD (Nigel BOND)

David GILBERT 10-9 Jimmy ROBERTSON (Mike DUNN)

Liu CHUANG 10-7 Rod LAWLER (Jimmy WHITE)

David MORRIS 10-4Mark JOYCE (Alan McMANUS)

Peter LINES 10-4 Passakorn SUWANNAWAT (Rory McLEOD)

Alfie BURDEN 10-5 David GRACE (Jack LISOWSKI)

Adam DUFFY 10-8 Adrian GUNNELL (Jamie BURNETT)

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