Mike Dunn launches new iPhone snooker app

SNOOKER Pro Mike Dunn has launched a new iPhone application to help lovers of the game boost their skills and develop their game.

Dunn, currently ranked inside the top 40 in the world, has been busy working on his new app ‘Mike Dunn’s Snooker Practice’ which gives snooker fans demonstrations of the most popular practice routines in the game.

The app features 30 unique practice routines used by many of today’s professional players with more training methods to be added in the future.

Dunn said: “These are the best, tried and tested snooker routines, and are now available to anyone who wants to use them, or is seeking to find new and better ways to play the game.

“Players take the app with them to the table and learn the way the best snooker players in the world practice.”

The app, developed by FatFly Digital Limited, has already been a huge success after reaching the top spot in the ‘Sports App’ charts within just 12 hours of its official launch in the UK and Hong Kong. It has also made the top ten in another seven countries.

World Snooker Championship winner 2002, Peter Ebdon: “I have used every one of these routines and still use them today. It’s great to carry around on my phone.”

Two times UK Championship and Masters winner, Ding Junhui: “I like the app a lot and it can be used to make a true champion.”

World Snooker Championship winner 1997, Ken Doherty: “Lovely app to take to the club and practice the routines, fantastic clear graphics.”

The app is available from the iTunes App store http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/md-snooker-practice/id502946376?mt=8 and costs £1.49. For more information visit the app’s official website www.snookerpractice.com.

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